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Over reacting to Google? How much SEO is done by the headless chicken brigade who over react to every bit of google FUD? whatever we do to try to please Penguin at this point is nothing more than a best guess shot in the dark and the fact we're trying is more information for the search engines to use at their discretion. Right now I rate the disavow tool as "probably can't help" and "might further harm rankings". I used it on one site and saw absolutely no effect in terms of rank/traffic. Fact: google claims that you should remove incoming "bad links" to reverse Penguin effects but under the same breath claims that someone else can't sink your rankings by giving you bad links. Both can't be true, proceed with caution. As usual google understands algorithms very well, fails to understand human beings. They started by creating the incentive for unnatural links in the first place, and after many variations in that, they have now created a mechanism for removing natural links. read more. link development. Google link removal tools By requesting sites to remove your links you are hurting both sites and helping Google increase their dominance over YOU and your site.

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